A downloadable game for Android

Have I been here before?
Grapple around the level and shoot the demons in this VR movement based shooter for the Oculus Quest platform.

Kill the three yellow eyed demons that haunt the space between rooms, and escape with your life!

Created for and placed second in the 48 hour  WolverineSoft 2021 Pumpkin Game Jam by

  • William Bostick - Programming
  • George Castle - Programming, Design
  • Ahmad Faiyaz - Audio
  • Brandon Fox - Cover Art
  • Naveen Sabharwhal - Programming


BetweenRooms.apk 67 MB


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I liked the locomotion and the design of the monsters.

It was difficult to know if you could exit a room. Sometimes I tried but didn't go through the door (I assume you had to clear the room first). Then sometimes you didn't know if you had moved rooms (as they look similar to start with).

Anyway it was fun (and made me jump a few times when the monsters suddenly appeared).

Thanks for sharing.